Coffee with Butterscotch
Be Mesmerized!
We turned our podcast art (made by Eric Hibbeler) into a hypnotizing, moving tableau and slapped it behind our podcast episodes. It's even at 1080p60fps for no reason! So many pixels!
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The Shenanijam is now over and all entires are in! 130 game were made for the jam, go try them out! Thanks to everyone who joined us for the weekend of game-making mayhem. We had an absolute blast seeing all your projects come together.
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Perhaps... a little mystery to figure out? Anywho, this podcast is for you, so tell us what you want to hear about. Ask a question, spout opinions, tell us a joke, or whatever (BUT please, please follow our Code of Conduct). We're interested in who you are and why you listen; please let us know via fancy-schmancy Brief Survey Technology!
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