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lol, well you asked. XD

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What ever happened to the space sim game you mention at the end of the first episode? Did it mutate into Crashlands?

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It mutated into THE INCINERATOR!

After Quadropus, there was a few month period where we kept trying new game ideas and scrapping them, because nothing seemed to be coming together, and we were getting frustrated. Later we discovered that our lack of clarity of vision was stemming from Sam's being incredibly exhausted, due to him having late-stage cancer at the time.

Once he started treatment, we began working on Crashlands, and that game has taken precedence ever since.

There's a good chance that we'll revisit the idea of a space-based action-RPG of sorts, because I'm always trying to get the bros to make space games (Flop Rocket and Roid Rage are my babies). So WHO KNOWS?

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My favourite ones :)

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