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Heyo, you know the drill.

Drop your Butterscotchy questions in here and we'll choose a few to dive into for the next round of our podcast, sometime around Tuesday of next week.

Previous Episodes
The first, as a video, long ago.
Podcast #1

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Non-Gaming: What are your Everyday Carry(EDC) items?

Gaming: Which games made you love gaming?

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Guys! Give us some fun statistics on your games. E.g.
What is the average time of reaching space?
How many total meters (average) you have to fly before you reach space for a first time?
How many times Pete was killed?
How many depths cleared average player?
What is the average waiting time for Crashlands? :P

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What was the most ridiculous game story/game principle you've ever came up with?

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+ what made you make it/not make it? XD

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How you get ideas for new game?
any inspiration technics?

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-Having carved out your own niche on the app store, what iOS games/developers do you feel deserve more attention (besides yourselves, of course :) )?

-With most mobile gamers on average only playing in bursts of a few minutes, your focus on snappy gameplay and light/skippable narrative makes total sense - but do you see yourselves doing a narrative focused game on mobile?

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I see that tools and weapons don't have any durability as well as armor. Why did you choose to go that way?
And will there be bosses and mini bosses? Apart from Q, this is.

And since I just got my BScotchID I'd like to wish the best for Sam for the next months. Stay strong, you've got this bud!! :) And thank you so much (along with Seth and Adam) for making the perfect game I've been wanting ever since I played Minecraft and Terraria. Can't wait!

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Will you guys ever make a publicly-accessible global statistics viewer? I think it'd be pretty cool to see, for example, something that says "Average depth reached in modes X, Y, Z in QR," "Average rate of success in FR after going X meters," or "Total items crafted (by everybody) in Crashlands." I know there will be global leaderboards, but I think global statistics would be pretty neat.

Keep up the good work, as always!

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Well, there's no episode 3 question thread yet, so I guess I'll put it here.

I imagine you guys would have needed a lot of (non-music) sounds for Crashlands. Do you make the sounds yourself, or do you look for some free ones online? If you have to look for them, have you had to change anything because you couldn't find one that matches what you were looking for?

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