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I would say it isn't.

I consider Coffee to be a hot drink containing mostly water steeped in coffee grounds. I think adding coffee to other things to make them have a coffee flavor are just those other things.

Take a coffee stout. Mmmmmm beer. While a fantastic drink, it's not coffee even if it has coffee in it, it's beer. Or how about coffee ice cream. You can add cooled coffee to an ice cream maker, toss in some cream, sugar, and whatever else ice cream needs, and out comes a hot cup of coffee. Wrong! Ice cream! Weren't you paying attention?

Therefore, by the transitive property of coffee, if I add a half cup of old coffee I find at strangers table in a McDonald's to my Shamrock shake it equals Starbuck's Mint Frappuccino. Not coffee.


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Damn... Can't say I disagree with that, Fweebers!

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Hahaha! Fweebers, I totally agree!
There's a cafe near the place where I live and they refuse to give you sugar! Latte? If you want to drink milk, go somewhere else! But they really have a great coffee.

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With the revelation that players have reached the Moon in Flop Rocket, about how big will Crashlands be when placed on a real world scale?
P.S. Do not let Seth answer this question.

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For a while Crashlands was INFINITE. Well, actually 3x infinity, since each biome was infinite.

HOWEVER. Since we want to be able to store saves on our server so you can move them between devices, we had to set a practical limit. We ended up settling on 2^16 tiles wide and high since that would make for efficient storage and be WAY MORE THAN ENOUGH. We'll talk in the podcast about what that size would be like in real-life terms.

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PODCAST RECORDED. We're working all day on this Be The Match drive, so it will be out up later!

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