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[EDIT by bscotchAdam: We've streamlined this questioning system. Go here to see, upvote, and ask questions for the podcast, and hit up this subforum to discuss the episodes. These question threads will now be LOCKED.]

Previous Episodes
The first, as a video, long ago.
Podcast #1
Podcast #2
Podcast #3

It's about time for the next one! The Ep 3 post has the podcast structure to help guide your questions. Remember that we are keeping all questions, so if we haven't answered one you've already asked that doesn't mean we won't!

The last podcast was half the length of the others, since we were in a rush and found that we tend to talk faster when we're all in the same room. The next few podcasts will have unpredictable lengths and structures, occur at unpredictable times, and may contain just me and Seth, because Sam has started his first bone marrow transplant process as of this week.

In short: this week he's having stem cells harvested from his blood, next week he starts super-crazy chemo that will destroy the entirety of his blood-making abilities, and that will be followed with a several-week hospital stay wherein his stem cells will be put back and given time to repopulate his bone marrow. During that time Seth and I will continue working our asses off on Crashlands, though there will likely be days where we'll be busy with family stuff.

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Will you guys put Easter eggs in Crashlands? If not, do you think you will ever put some into future games?

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If you guys had an opportunity to go work at a major game company like Bethesda or rock star would you go or do you like making your own awesome little games on mobile and steam?

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Have you ever thought of integrating mods/content creation in next games? (maybe with a vanilla mode for perks)

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