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We just fired off our first newsletter since February, which is going to about 40k people. Email marketing is an interesting and wonderful thing, but we can still expect an open rate of only around 10%. Since it's been awhile that we sent one of these, if you haven't gotten one yet, check that spam folder and UNSPAM US. It actually helps our overall "grade" as an emailer and makes it more likely other people will see it!


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I did receive it, in the inbox on both my Hotmail/Outlook!
It ended up in Spam on Gmail though :/

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Same here

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I already had the newsletter like you said the test one, but because I'm on iCloud I don't have an spam box.

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No spam folder here. I received the newsletter in my inbox on Gmail.

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Hooray! Gmail seems to hate our mail the most, and we have no idea why. We're going to have to come up with a much smarter emailing strategy, though we should have one of those anyway.

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That seems like such a spammer thing to do.......figure out a way around being viewed as spam Haha @bscotchAdam

Mine on yahoo mail came in just fine btw

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I only use gmail and none of the Bscotch emails go to spam...hmmm

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WEIRD. Well, we're up to 12% open rate though. So I guess that's good?

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