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Congratulations! You now are part of the Dev team of a wonderful game and beat Cancer, the good news are starting to stack! :lol:

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IM EVEN LATER however i am really happy for you. mustve been quite the perty with your family after the thumbd up. i hope youl be creating more games now although il be playing flop rocket and crashlands for a long time.

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You are the Level 99 Shulk now in the real world. You are in new game+. You beat it. Your family hung in there with you & didnt run away. How the heck you made such an amazing creative fun upbeat immersive interesting warm kickass game during all that is incredible. Great characters, fond of them. The game itself is fantastic game design quality. Level design is great. World details & story, a getaway. Its a fighter's game. Its not dark & grim but bright kind of kicking butt, boots on, humorously. Its helps me feel the right attitude in real life. Thank you for gifting us with it. Thanks to Butterscotch team & your vision. Thanks to your family. Thanks for writing about your battle experience so others can understand. Thanks to the Guy Upstairs for bringing you thru. Please keep creating. Please keep the game available, and a patch to enable save file export/import on unrooted phones if you ever have to take server down. Because it should become a classic... Great website and support.

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Just watched some of the BScotch game dev talks and aside from getting enlightened on a whole lot of subjects regarding game dev and life in general, I think I'll cry every time I hear the word process again. Good job killing Diablo, and may you have many, many years ahead of you.

Aaaaaaand if you want to fill those years with more glorious game making, well, I'll be more than glad to be part of the people who will fill you with money and SO MUCH GRATITUDE you will be grinning non-stop. You'll literally have to stop making games just to sigh.

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