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That title is gold! I can see it being corrected all the time on phones! I guess if I ever had to say it, I'd gasp and stutter as well.

Good luck on hiring! It's usually very hard to find someone that fits on your team when it is small and uncertain. But! You guys are famous! So it may not be that hard. Perhaps harder to filter the candidates after all.

I sure hoped all job offers were as honest and no-nonsense as yours. I cringe just on the thought of writing resumés again with all the jibbery-jabbery no one really cares, but is required for it to end on the hands of the people that are actually interested on it and are possible coworkers.

Will the Games Mechanic also feature on the podcast? That's a perk, you know. :sass:

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I knew this game was made in Game Maker!! It just has that feel with the blocky tiles and the rooms uses as chunks (I think? Lol). I've been programming on game maker at a young age when I was 10 or so. I think it was gamemaker 3 then and it didn't have all the sweet features it has today. I haven't made a game on gamemaker since that age and I don't have any of those games as that was many hard drives ago.

My github is lame as I am very shy with programming as I am a novice / intermediate programmer. I am purely self taught though. Python is my language of choice. I think I still know some GML for gamemaker but I can easily learn that again. I can learn any language needed for the job as I simply love learning about programming from low level assembly to high level beautiful languages like Python or Lisp. I am only 23 years old and not in St Louis. I am willing to relocate if you give me a chance. Maybe even a trial period as an internship! But I am definitely willing to move if I do get the job.

I love Crashlands and soon will get to try your other games. You can check my post on https://reddit.com/r/crashlands under the username aonbyte, so you can see how much I love Crashlands!

Anyways, I am looking forward to apply when the job application is up.

Edit: I would love to be a volunteer beta tester if you guys are ever in need of one. As a programmer and a former beta tester for many big games, such as RuneScape, Tera, Archeage and a few others, I know the importance of beta testing as well as the importance of good, clear, consice error reporting. So keep that in mind if you ever need a super fun, friendly, awesome, but serious about work beta tester!!

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@Aonbyte - Butterscotch actually puts out calls for Beta testers when they're almost ready for them. Keep an eye on their developments and they'll throw up an application link when the time comes. Won't be for a while as they haven't even started their next game, but they're all about getting the whole community involved, particularly with feedback.

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UPDATE! We are changing the relocation requirement to a relocation preference. We would prefer you are in Saint Louis or are willing to come here, but if you are perfect for the job but are unable to move, we will still consider your application.

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That's a nice update for me: convincing the wife that it'd be an adventure to move with the kids away from her family to Saint Louis was not going so well for me, haha. I mean, at least now I can at least experience this unique application process you've got planned.

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Coordinated teamwork gets weird in general..

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I've already got my resume, cover letter, and letters of recommendation ready and waiting. BRING IT ON, BUTTERCUP! :)

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Technically, everything is an experience. :P Just putting that out there.

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What about... the experience of experiencing?

@eric138 WOOT. Though a heads-up: you'll also need to have your BRAIN ready and waiting :D

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Everything is an experience, but also, nothing is an inexperience.

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