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As we mentioned in our most recent podcast episode, we'll soon be hiring someone into the Butterscotch team. As we reveal more information about who we're looking for and what that career will entail, feel free to ask questions and express your concerns in this thread.

[Update 1] The blog post describing the position just went LIVE. You can sign up to get updates right to your email at jobs.bscotch.net.

[Update 2] The first part of the application is now up and running. Reply to this thread if you run into problems or have questions. Good luck!

[Update 3] I'm going to keep this thread VERY on-topic, so apologies for deleting your amusing little asides. I need to make sure people can get the answers they're looking for!

[Update 4] We now have deadlines, and they are coming up soon. Check jobs.bscotch.net for the specifics. To make it easier for people to plan, here are the application steps that must be completed by the final deadline:

1. Who are you? (cover letter, resume, and social media)
2. Portfolio and short essays.
3. Design Challenge (Given a game, suggest improvements. We suggest allotting ~2-3 hours, and we'll need plenty of time afterwards to evaluate.)
4. Coding Challenge (Given game code, make improvements. Significant challenge, so far applicants have spent 5-8 hours on it.)

All the above steps must be complete by the final deadline, and you should plan for a 24 hour cooldown minimum for us to review each step. Applicants who pass #4 will go on to the interview stage.


What if I start the application but don't have time to continue? What will happen to my progress?

The application is split into chunks, and submission of each chunk submits a save to our server. Progress on a chunk will only be saved when you submit. You'll be explicitly warned if there is going to be a time limit, or if you should compose a response in an external program to avoid losing data. In short: just start and follow the directions -- if something ends up seeming unfair I probably screwed up (let me know).

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I'm wondering how strict the July 1st start date is? I'm currently hired for a summer job that doesn't end until early August, so I probably couldn't start until mid-August. If I couldn't leave that early, would I be wasting your time in applying?

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Nope! That's just our intended start date, but it's flexible. We may not get through all the applications by then, we may not find the right person by then, or a thousand other things might happen! Definitely apply.

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ok. you guys have laid down the gauntlet and I accept the challenge. *exhales deep breath* honestly if I were to be part of the team it would truly be a dream come true. (and yes, that is so cliché whatevs) I love this company. you've given me the gift of many hours of pure enjoyment and I hope to be able to give that back to others. no matter what happens, i'm with you guys til we're all dead (and even after that if I can help it ha ha).

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The pay is pretty low from a general programmer's perspective (who can make upwards of $100k in the US), but it's competitive for a game programmer. But also, it's cheap to live in Saint Louis, so that salary goes a really long way.

And yeah, it's tough for someone without degrees to get a job, but we think that's dumb. The job application process should determine whether you'd be good at that job, not whether you were good at being a student.

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It's not just the French. If you look at programming jobs anywhere, none are for entry level, and all require a minimum of 2 years in the industry (2 years on the job) and knowledge with at least 3 different languages, and a bare minimum of a bachelors (4 year for those that don't know) degree in computer science. Businesses just want the safe investment, which can be understandable, but if literally no one hires entry level employees, then there are two problems. First being that eventually there just won't be experienced people, but the bigger problem is that you will start to stagnate your knowledge base. Every one starts to think in a similar way and don't innovate very well. (hence why I do so many random projects. Doing things you don't normally do can help you get better at things you do normally do... and... it's fun... which is the biggest thing for me. :D)

I know that where I work there's been people that only work here for a month before leaving some times. They seem happy with the work/pay (personally I'm quite tired of the pay. Over used and underpaid is an understatement for me), but just jump off. That said, most of it's general labor (except the stuff I do) like packing things and putting shipping labels on them, but still.

But yeah, programming jobs pay well if you can get them, and as Seth stated, cost of living in the greater St. Louis area is insanely low. Housing alone is like 1/6th that of la or new york and in most cases, other costs are around half. (for full comparison against la, http://www.bestplaces.net/cost-of-livin ... -ca/100000 )

So a $60 salary is the equivalent to around a $120k salary in LA, and generally speaking better housing in the first place. (larger buildings/land plots, less worries about earthquakes and droughts, though more risk of tornado)

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Indeed! Housing is the big one. Lots of people don't seem to realize that a dollar in one place just isn't the same as a dollar somewhere else.

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Also that degrees' thing applies to any job here, I don't know about you.

And all that was to say that Butterscotch Careers sound AWESOME! ^^

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Hmm is there any age restriction to this job cause if there is not I will take it but,i do not know how to program and stuff the only things I know to do is break games and play games and for the pay,fuck getting paid I'll do it for free.

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Looking forward to applying :D

Oddly enough I'm actually excited to have the chance to fix game code. I've been doing it 3 years for the messiest programmer on this earth.

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