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We have an awesome community here, in no small part because of the amazing job our moderators do keeping things clean, friendly, and orderly. It can be a pretty stressful job, and I appreciate that the rest of you make that job as easy for them as possible.

One of our long-time moderators, @Etrusan, has decided to relinquish the title to de-stress his life a bit. We are super grateful for how involved he has been with our little corner of the Internet, and for his help keeping things organized and under control. He'll stick around here (we certainly hope!) in a more casual fashion, so we're glad that this is simply a change and not a good-bye.

Fortunately, things are really quiet around here and it's mostly the regulars who are still active, so we'll get by with our tiny handful of awesome mods. But, just as with the weeks surrounding the Crashlands launch, things will inevitably get busy again in the future. So, if any of you regulars are interested in becoming a moderator, hit me with a PM.

A huge thanks again to Etrusan!

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Super awesome thanks to @Etrusan for being such a good sport about everything; for all his hard work and the lessons he's taught the rest of us. Glad that he's sticking around and can't wait to see more progress on some of his projects. Hopefully we can get special sneak peeks still? =D

And yeah, so glad we have a such an awesome community that doesn't need much moderating at all. Everyone is so fantastic, and I'm so proud to be part of all of these Shenanigans. ^_^

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Thanks for all that you've done @Etrusan ! And thanks also to the rest of the mods for keeping things awesome in BScotch Land. :-)

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bye @Etrusan !

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Well bye as an moderator @Etrusan You did an great job for the community as being moderator.

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Thanks for moderating. Really enjoy the BS forums and moderators keep 'em clicking.

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