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@AlanFalcon I feel you. The designer of my team always commend me for following the layout. It makes me wonder what else could I do: invent colors and margins, ignore alignment altogether? Of course, there's always stuff that seem easy but I could not do at the time, thus trying to convince him to do otherwise given the time constraints. What I never did was look at the beatiful layout he spent hours doing and say "Meh, screw that. I'll run some random numbers and glue this stuff together. No one will notice". Some people actually ship stuff with gruesome problems everywhere and when asked if the deadline was not forgiving, instead of saying "Yeah, didn't have the time/skill to do it better. If I could do it again with enough resources...", the general sentiment is "Why can't you understand how perfect is my product? That's why geniuses never get rich. If it was Middle Ages I'd die in a fire."

Aaaaand being a little pedantic, as I always am, design is a pragmatic problem solving skill, of which graphic design is a part. That's why there are design patterns in programming, and game design. Just like advertisements do not represent all of marketing, presentation is not all that is to design. So it's more like a UI-sense rather than design sense. If someone doesn't have design sense... I sure won't want to make anything near that person.

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@carol aloha, welcome to bss!!!!!!!!!!!! Im excited to see what you do

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Welcome Carol! Will this person help maintain & raise community awareness of Crashlands? Hypemaster is needed on a regular basis to work the market... facebook & twitter ain't it. Raising awareness neednt be expensive. But multiple approaches need to be covered - internet, networking etc. Devs are swamped doing creative and devs stuff. Many really fine unique indie works go under the radar. It is painful to see... We BS fans have raved online & to everyone we know that games, on how unique, immersive and creative Crashlands is. Please help hype!

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From what I understand she is going to do it all! Remember this is a game studio not just Crashlands. Carol is going to be here to provide hype and such with all the games!

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Congratulations Carol.

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