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Congrats to the bscotch team, old and new! Looking forward to all the cool stuff you guys do!

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Great to see new people, by the way do they all have butterscotch id's yet?
If so I want to add them to my friends list :)

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Whaaaaat? You guys not only got Carol, but Shi, too?! That's so awesome! I'm doing mental happy dances for all of you :D

Welcome Andy @sctrunner, and congratulations! Can't wait to meet you :D


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Hello Andy awesome to see that butterscotch shenanigans is getting some reinforcements :bslogo:

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Hey guys, this is Shi Chen here, and thanks for the warm welcome! I am SUPER STOKED to join the studio and the community! Still in the process of setting things up, but I look forward to sharing sass and laughters with you all!

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Welcome around @fearlesskitten now that we know your BScotchID :)

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Welcome aboard. I look forward to chatting and seeing you guys around!

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Welcome to Carol, Shi & Andy. Thanks for working on for greatest game ever. Seriously. Been gaming since 90's & not ever enjoyed a game this much. Nor has an indie been this beautifully done with detailed art works & visual effects, sound effects, music, humor, story, great map, great inventory management, and activities without tedium... fabulous LEVEL DESIGN, + difficulty choices so it suits different player types for sustained fun factor game design... Plus, it is a cheerful vibe and not a downer like Dont Starve... So its great to play as a break when life is tough. This is an rpg that has everything! - exploration, fighting, story, characters, dialogue, peoples, totally alien interesting world, villain, humor in dialogue as well as items, easy fun crafting for gear and building, visual richness & detail, is a very longlasting game (and we dont want it to end because its fun factor is high), and it has cloudsave plus cross platform play capability. And Butterscotch are *responsive* developers for thir customers, and also are interesting and funny. As a priority activity, this GREAT GAME NEEDS MORE VISIBILITY so more rpg players become aware of it. Indies must do periodic reachouts to draw in new players, and without a mass media budget. This game's design could easily draw in more rpg gamers (forums and review raves), and may also lend itself to drawing in new gamers who have not yet tried rpg's. ALL OF ABOVE are competitive differentiator points that may be used during market efforts. Also the dev posts showing with text and pictures how to play and what improvement functions have been made are great. Also customer rave points from reddit, steam, and Bscotch forums. Keeping a fine indie's visibility in the market eye at regular intervals is challenging. Mobile gaming mags/blogs, and steam forum, and reddit on the game and on iOS, android & pc & rpg's, are good places we all read to find new games. I humbly submit this soap as fodder, because want everyone in the gamer market to become aware of this game and a majority buy & play it. Too great quality a game to be otherwise. Needs persistent visibility. Go team!

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Always good to have more people join, hopefully the new team members feel welcomed :D

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I can't handle all the love!

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