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UPDATE: We're on to the next phase. Thanks to everyone who gave it a try! We'll let you know when you can grab your ID soon.

No, no, not for Crashlands (yet). Sorry to get you all excited.

We're putting together a login system for our games. The goal is to do fun stuff like cross-game rewards/unlockables and, eventually, our own multiplayer network. Assuming we can get it all to work (which is why we haven't officially announced it) we'll do a staggered roll-out, implementing it in one game at a time with the goal of having it available in all games prior to the Crashlands launch.

So here's the deal. We need to make sure that this registration system is ROBUST. We've never made one before, and need to make sure what we put together can withstand anything our thousands of future users throw at it. I'm hoping y'all can do us a solid before we launch this thing: try to break the registration system!

If you find anything that is unexpected, unintuitive, or seems broken, please post it here. Screenshots will be super-helpful, along with a precise description of what you did that led to that result. A few things to consider:
Use your own, real email addresses. The registration requires email verification, and it would be lame to cause automated emails to be sent to other people, and you wouldn't be able to test it if you use fake emails!There is nothing to log into (yet), so any password you set is basically irrelevant.I'll be able to see the IDs, emails, and hashed versions of the passwords (I can't recover the actual password) you put in, but I will not share these with anyone.EVERYTHING WILL BE DELETED prior to launch. So you can't reserve your username (yet).Things to try:
Can you register a new account?Can you verify that account?Can you change your password?Can you register multiple usernames with the same email address?Can you register multiple email addresses with a single input?Try pretending to be an idiot, and just do things that don't seem to make any sense to see if I've accounted for them!

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