[Crashlands] How Do I Backup My Files w/o Cloudsave?

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[This question is specifically for the PC variant of the game]

My friend recently bought Crashlands and wants me to share my progress of the game with him. The thing is we both play on PC and I don't know the file directory of the game.

I saw a thread like this one before and it didn't provide much of a clue and the thread is for Android users.


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Honestly there's -probably- a way, but it's NOT recommended. Game saves are locked to YOUR Butterscotch ID and if any information is shared/transmitted to another BSID it's probably going to be considered as "hacking" and you'll both lose your accounts.

That said, what you're freely able to do is log in on your BSID into his PC (there is a logout/login option) and/or visa versa, so that your friend can play your game/s... but know that any information SAVED OVER yours is going to be irreversible. At least it would let your friend have a play around with your weapons and whatnot, but again... you're risking you BSID by doing anything against the TOS of BSID/Crashlands/Steam/etc. So not recommended.

*Insert Indemnity clause here; I'm not recommending you do it, I'm not saying you can't do it, I'm not suggesting you will definitely get banned, because I don't know 100% how exactly they find instances of game tampering and hacking... I'm saying IF you do, you do so at your own risk, and this is your official warning that we (me as a user, me as a mod, and Butterscotch Shenanigans in general) hold no responsibility for any actions that might be taken as a consequence of you sharing file information*

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We don't have any automated banning stuff implemented, so there's no risk of losing your BscotchID account.

The game does prevent tampering with saves; you'll definitely corrupt a save file if you edit it.

There is nothing to stop you from copying a non-BscotchID ("Guest") save and giving it to someone else. Those saves will work anywhere (I think...).

There are some mechanisms that prevent a user logged in with one account from playing someone else's save. However I believe it's now possible to copy a save from your account to the Guest account via the Saves menu. This effectively anonymizes it, making it portable. It might not be cloud-syncable anymore though. Not 100% sure on any of that.

Long story short:

We don't have a problem with this for single player games. We don't provide any support for this kind of thing though, and also believe that the end result is a worse gameplay experience. Your friend will skip a whole bunch of the game, sure, but isn't the point of a game to play it?

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How do I make these questions myself? Like where people can answer.

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