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Hello there !

Just a few words i had to tell you !
In the Android market, i can't find any game like the binding of isaac; to tell you the truth, that's the way i found your games, by searching similar games.

The thing is that, looking at all your games, and more accurately Quadropus rampage & Towelfight & Narwhal online, i can see that put together, we get the perfect binding of isaac game.

So my question is, do you plan making a Binding of isaac - like ?
I mean a real one, mixing all those features (why not a cross-over of all your games ? Would be so awesome :lol: ) :
- Player firing and moving like in Towelfight
- Randomly generated items/weapons like in Quadropus rampage
- Random rooms/floors like in Narwhal online
- Upgrades ! Unlockables ! like in every good game i suppose :)

Let me know what you think about this... Because that would be the first game i'd pay for, and i really think i wouldn't be the only one, knowing that a lot of people are looking for a BoI-like in Android

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BoI was actually the game I was playing that made me think OH MY LAWD I COULD MAKE ART FOR GAMES.

We've always been super into games with high-replayability and skill-based mechanisms. They just tend to offer more to the player, and for longer, and with less actual dev time, which is a huge boon as an indie studio.

So QR and TF2 and NO are all, as you noticed, BoI-likes in a lot of senses. Will we make a game that is very much BoI? NOPE! Because the mechanism has already been thoroughly explored in that game, and we want to do our own twists to it. That being said, NO is actually the most BoI-like of all of them, especially in its overall vision (which hasn't been shared outside the 3 of us ;)).

In short, all our games are a sort of conglomeration of all the games we've played and the experiences we bring to the table as gamers. Given that I played a ghastly amount of BoI, I can't help but be influenced, so you're likely to see homages to it forever! :D

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Thanks for your reply, and i understand what you mean.
I've seen the NO alpha trailer, and it really look awesome and, as you said, seems close enough to BoI, but the downside i've seen is that... You can't really control easily while avoiding bullets since you're doing everything in melee (ninja style by the way, it's really nice). But what i see in the video is that you often die the same way; hit by a projectile after attacking !

You'll tell me something like "EH YOU CAN STILL LEARN PATTERNS AND ATTACK AFTER THEY'VE FIRED, NOOB !" and... well yeah that's an answer. But if you plan to make it really awesome, i mean by adding some xnionuWTFxoiq to the game (i mean an insane amount of ennemies / fired projectiles to make the difficulty so epic for latest levels :twisted: ), i'm scared that even with a high skill you can't really avoid being hit and then killed. I'm aware that adding a ranged attack could possibly break the gameplay, but i don't know if you have already planned something to prevent unnecessary wounds :cry:

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Don't worry man, this was an early alpha made in 48 hours or so, so it's basically unfinished, unpolished and unbalanced.
If you played their games, you'll understand me when I say "Don't worry, they'll make this game REALLY AWESOME" ;) but not yet.
For now it's all for Crashlands! :D

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Yeeeah so true, i hope this will be really awesome because this could be a must have :D
And i'm also waiting Crashlands so much. I finally found developers that have exactly the same tastes as me :oops: (and what awesome tastes, you'll agree with this)

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I have not been around as much of late as I finally caved and bought BoI Rebirth, I swore never again... having gone near feral getting all the Chieves in the first one.

But yeah that's also how I first came across you guys too, was searching for a BoI like and got directed to Quadropous. I am a sucker for RNG games, I love repetition with randomness.

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