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Who are we - Moderators Edition

Just some talk about general Butterscotchy stuff here.
Since you are going to see us around a lot, you may like to know us moderators.

Who am I?
Good question. As of February 2016, I'm 20 years old French guy. I'm finishing the third of a three years university degree (in which we study Arts, Sciences, Social Sciences and Litterature). For further information on me, see my post in the "Who are you people" topic (just forget about the GF part, she was just good at pretending).
You could Introduce yourself there too :)

Why am I here?
I discovered Butterscotch Shenanigans with Quadropus Rampage, around long [a year] ago.
Since then, I played all their games. I had the chance to play the Alpha of Crashlands [last] summer 2014 and also helped/tried to help for testing BscotchID features.
I got on the forum at the moment they set them up and I stayed because I like this place and the Bscotch Brothers.

About my role as a moderator
I'm not here to be a dictator.
As long as you follow the rules, you're my friend.
If you don't, I'll gently remind you.
If you persist, we won't be friends anymore and you *may* not like it.
Also, I'm here to help. Both Butterscotch Brothers and everyone on the forums.
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Who am I?
A [redacted]-something year old Australian trying to be an artist but whom is hindered by a day job. I run 2 "businesses" (I use the term loosely because I don't have the time to dedicate myself to them completely yet) - PhoenixFire Art (Arts & Crafts) and Weird Dreams Ink (Web and Graphic Design). I'm also the sole income earner while my fiance awaits the last of his Visa approval as he's migrated here from the US. I like the color Red, anything FIRE, cats... lots of cat stuff (Hence the kitty) and... uh... weird fact about me: My username is my nickname and stems from my full name Mea'eshana (Me-ah-esh-ah-na)... don't hurt yourself trying to pronounce that, just call me Mea. ^_^ It's easier on everyone.

Why am I here?
I stumbled upon QR back in it's early days and immediately became a fan, so much so that I believe I created the first ever piece of fan art for it before the forums were even a thing and I only had Twitter to pester the BS Boys about how awesome they are. Since then I've tried to be the best support I can be, including jumping on the Crashlands Alpha (as well as some other Alpha and Beta testing) simply because I love the games and think the creators are awesome. I feel like "Indy" creators need more love and support, they're what makes my world go round. So here I am.

About my role as a moderator
Uh, basically I appear to be the experienced mod around the place, I've had numerous 'gigs' doing both admin and moderator roles over the last 10-15 years, mostly in phpBB so as soon as we moved here I've tried to just give some decent advice and do what I can where I can. Didn't ask for a Mod position, but I'm certainly happy that they trust me enough to let me at it, and I can't wait to see progress made with my help (because it's still their forums) and their coding knowledge. I can only see this place getting better as time goes on.
Due to my timezone differences you might not see me on as much as the others, but that doesn't mean I'm not here to help in any way I can. Even if that's just a friendly ear to hear out your problems, please don't hesitate to contact me via PMs. I have never turned away a potential friend and I'm not about to start now. ^_^

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Who am I?
I'm Grzegorz (Gregory) from Cracov, Poland. Professionally I'm a (IT) Project Manager with some SQL skills and I work for one of the biggest fashion retailers in Poland. There's one particular reason why I like my job so much - there are almost no routines here - new tasks and challenges every day. It's so important to me, because almost everything bores me very quickly. So in my free time I do so many things that I'm not sure if I can count them all. Let's try: juggling, riding monocycle, bicycle, skateboard, fishboard, longboard, freebord, waveboard, snowboard, rollerskates, scooter, playing squash, voleyball and footbag, playing drums, piano, guitar, melodica, harmonica, jew's-harp, glockenspiel, programming synthesizers, making electronic music, writing funny poems and gags, making comics, drawing manga, taking short road trips, kite flying, crochet, learning languages (duolingo), reading books, watching movies aaaaand of course playing a lot of games (mostly mobile lately). I can learn fast (by practicing - I hate any kind of school), I'm fairly good at many things, but I have never mastered any skill. I have loving girlfriend and sweeet newborn son. I hope when he grow a little older, we will do all these things together!

Why am I here?
Frankly, by accident. I was looking for some Asteroids clone when I found Flop Rocket. It was a love at first... touch! And then Roid Rampage (or Rage?), Quadropus and these Forums where I discovered that it's not just about games. I found developers who not only respond to your questions. They really listen! And there is that great, loving community around them. If you stay here, you are actually a part of these games. So I had to stay and here I am.

About my role as a moderator
As I said, this place is like a big, loving family, where everyone cares about the other, so there's really not much to do for a moderator. I have this fancy green nick that I'm proud of because it's a symbol of trust, and I can do some magical tricks but I rarely use them. We can all keep it that way. So if you're new here, and not sure how to behave, please read these short guides and enjoy your stay.

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Who am I?
I'm 18 years old dude from Czech Republic. I'm extremely lazy, but very honest.

Why am I here?
I was looking for a new game in GP when I discovered Flor Rocket (the old version). That game was amazing. Then update with ID came out and I discovered old forum with really nice people.

About my role as a moderator
As long as you follow the rules, you're ok and I don't have problem with you but if you will keep breaking rules, even if we warn you, I make personally sure you're done. No kidding.

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