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Conversation Conundrums

Just some talk about general Butterscotchy stuff here.
I'm trying to gather those intervention of Bscotch's character in the chat for people who missed them.

Those conversations are not "cannon", so anything said in it isn't official.
But it's really worth a read. Around 5 or 10 minutes of your life per file I think.

Also, I'm not the maker of this, just the gatherer.

Links to PDF files, for readability:

07/09 (9th of July): First dialog. Q vs Flux

07/10: Jobi and "Lord"

07/12: Forn comes back, then Jobi joins. And the latter went into an existential crisis.

08/13: Q comes, probably because he was bored.

08/14: Q again,short appearance.

I also kept the first dialog just under here:

Q: Hello

Thecactigod: Oh my oh noooo

Ulnarevern: No Q get out of here!

Q: Why are you humans bothering me?

Thecactigod: NOT Q
you are the one bothering us you silly goose

Q: My chat is being blown up by silly beings with torsos.

Flux: Get out of here dummy

Thecactigod: oh my hero

Q: Ahh, the tiny Flux sans ship!

Flux: pfft you think you can defeat me

Q: I already have!

Flux: I wont let you hurt these people
Uhh no you havent
Do you know what defeat means

Q: All you can do is run around on that planet I stranded you on!

Flux: de•feat dəˈfēt/ verb 1. win a victory over (someone) in a battle or other contest; overcome or beat. "Arab armies defeated the Byzantine garrison" synonyms: beat, conquer, win against, triumph over, get the better of, vanquish; More

Q: You'll never leave it!

BscotchSeth: Q has de feet fetish.

Thecactigod: this is getting intense

Ulnarevern: I didn't want to miss this

Flux: haha im going to post it all over facebook

Q: Forn had a feet fetish but he also had the forehead of our mother.

Flux: well... YOU'RE DUMB
check and mate

Q: Well, you're dumberer, er?

Flux: well uh you're name is only one letter that should have a u with it so ha

Thecactigod: https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0CCAQyCkwAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DJXVXyZi-fN0&ei=Z-2eVeSiEsX2yQTCrYMI&usg=AFQjCNEFS7ImvXAznHixqM5f02eb70eWkA&sig2=EK8xcuoCZ-iApgcUWIw5pQ&bvm=bv.97653015,d.aWw

Q: I have no comeback for that! Q is the name my mommy gave me!

BscotchSeth: Q is actually short for Qu.

Flux: oh
well who are you to tell me that

BscotchSeth: FAIR POINT

Thecactigod: i think he left
you got him

bscotchAdam: Which is in turn short for QU

Flux: haha

Q: I'll never leave!

Thecactigod: oh dang

Flux: i guess we will just have to leave for you
(quick everyone pretend to leave)

Q: I have no one to talk to since Pete and Forn are dead!

Thecactigod: Stomp stomp stomp

Ulnarevern: *Leaves*

Q: And it's all your guy's fault!
So you must entertain me now!

Flux: lalalalala going to the supermarket

Q: typing leaves doesn't close you chat! I wasn't born in the last century!

Flux: how do i know that you weren't

Q: You can check my birth certificate!
It's with Obama's.

Flux: Oh I see sorry for the confusion


Thecactigod: uhm... Gradactida?

Q: That's a spell by Harry Potter! I'd know it anywhere!

Flux: Yup i'm with Q on this one

Pete: And the survey says...

Q: Pete!

Pete: Who are you

Q: It's me! Your brother! Qu!

Pete: I dont know you you filthy monster

Q: Whaaaaattt!

Flux: holy canoli i leave for one second and this weird thing is here?

Q: What's happened to you? You have water on the brain!

Pete: Im not weird you... you... THING

Thecactigod: how do i edit the wiki so much new info!

MAP5597: There's an edit button, upper right. I click edit source usually

Q: Wait, this isn't Pete! It's Flux on another browser! You wench!

Flux: what are you talking about.....

Q: Any wiki talking about me must mention my glorious forehead!

Pete: Yeah get him... wait whats a wench

MAP5597: Sorry Q, when I made your page I forgot about your forehead

Thecactigod: You do not have permission to edit this page, for the following reason: This page has been protected to prevent editing or other actions.

Q: NOOOOO!!!!!

Thecactigod: thats what it says

MAP5597: Hm...

Q: I give you permission! That is all it should take.
Qu has spoken!

Ulnarevern: I'll keep a record of that. Also I you're have a fetish on both feet and your forehead?

Flux: Q you illiterate idiot

MAP5597: I click on Q's page's 'edit source' and the editor shows up just fine for me.
Shall I say that Q has a glorious forehead?

Thecactigod: mine just says view source

Q: I'm typing with my nose!

MAP5597: Hm...

Thecactigod: and i am logged in

MAP5597: I never made an account, and I'm able to edit things fine. Maybe your account is doing something weird.

Thecactigod: oh wait it only doesnt allow me to edit the main page

Ulnarevern: He must prove he's a good guy first
Oh, wait...

Q: I must depart! I have more havok to wreak. I most definitely will not be checking on my brownies! Farewell fleshy torsoed minions!

Flux: See you in neverland!

Pete: I must go to (not to steal Q's brownies)

Flux: me too i have some serious business to attend to

Thecactigod: ok they are gone
For real this time
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Reason: Third dialog!

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And a quick note to clear up confusion: that dialog was not us, so no part of it (including our in-context retorts) is canon!

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you can make different colored text with bbcode i think. Woo rainbow

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So pretty!
Well, It's possible but even just having a 1kilometer post is not really engaging I think :/

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That was me as Q. I was just messing around. I have no knowledge of his actual intentions or possible love of brownies.

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Were you the others as well?

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he said it wasnt

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These are absolutely hilarious. Going to use them as my break material today.

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No I wans't. The only impersonating I did with "NotCBenoit" to troll CBenoit a bit.
I just gathered this because I thought it could be pretty nice to keep the fun records.

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