Port Quadropus and Towelfight to Steam?

Just some talk about general Butterscotchy stuff here.
Hey guys i'm a big fan of your work.
i have some ideas for you, first i think it would be awesome if you added Quadropus Rampage and Towelfight 2 to steam i would buy them.
also Towelfight 2 has a great campaign and i finished it and was very happy but if you were to add it to steam i would greatly enjoy more content like like more bosses more areas and also more weapons like the shots. it would also be a great idea to add a binding of issac sort of mode, rogue like, were it was very similar to the binding of issac in the way that you beat a room and move on the the next one until you beat the boss. and of course if you die you start over. also the weapons you get from single player transfer over to the rogue like game mode. i know you are busy right now with other games but if you consider this that would be great.

you guys are great and if you happen to read this please respond
also i know this is a forum so if anybody else has any idea feel free to comment.

P.S. if you put your games out to the steam community i think you will gain more support.
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@hbpbil02 Glad you love those games!

The short answer is this: we have every intention of putting Quadropus Rampage on Steam, sometime after Crashlands goes live. We may also do that for Towelfight, but that's a little less certain.

The main reason we haven't done either of those yet is that the Steam market has been historically hostile towards mobile games. This has definitely been changing over the past 6 months or so, and so it's less of a problem. The bigger issue is that PC gamers don't know our studio exists yet, and we want to introduce ourselves to them by making the biggest splash we can. Which will be Crashlands.

Once Crashlands is live, we'll be able to feel really good about making Quadropus Rampage available too. Towelfight is a lot rougher around the edges, since it was the first game we made as a studio, and we generally think it doesn't put our best foot forward (though we do absolutely love the game).

The inevitable comparisons to Binding of Isaac are actually a problem, because that game was REALLY GOOD and has a huge following, many of whom would like similar games but many others of whom are actively hostile to anything that seems like it's "copying" that game.

So if we do make Towelfight available on Steam, we'll just have to do it really carefully. And we made decide we'd rather spend our time making Towelfight 3 instead ;)

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Towelfight 3! Looking forward to it!

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I see were you'r coming from because I am a PC gamer who plays mobile games occasionally and I used to be against this mobile game rave but iv'e come to accept it and was super excited to see that you were incorporating both mobile and PC games together. I also understand the problem with making a game so similar to the binding of Issac and think that a Towelfight 3 game would be amazing as well. i am so excited to see and play Crashlands and would be honored to contribute in the testing and feedback aspect. I also really like the community your guys have.
Keep it up, Hbpbil

P.S. feel free to send a copy of any beta or alpha you need feed back on :D

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