You guys on Steam + Why I should be in the Crashlands Beta

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Hey bscotch,

I was just wondering if i could add you guys on steam so i can give you guys feedback on the Crashlands beta if i get in and also ask you questions about the game once its out. i also want to talk about why i should be in the beta. So i have played all of you games and i have buttered up in all of them except for flop rocket but i also bought the coin doubler on Quadropus Rampage i have also beaten towelfight 2 and also have played the crap out of Quadropus Rampage and am still playing. I would also be able to play Crash lands on my mobile device.

Super hyped for Crashlands

P.S. just gave do you even lift 5 stars

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Noted. :D

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@hbpbil02 Sounds like your chances are pretty dang good without manual intervention ;)

Somewhere in these forums is discussion about the Bscotch Steam group that some of our regulars made. We're all in it, so you can find us that way. We won't be taking feedback through Steam, though, we have our own web-based system so that we only have to look at one place to get all the feedback we need.

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@hbpbil02, here's a little roadsign for you ;)


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