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Just some talk about general Butterscotchy stuff here.

Yeah, the pics oversell it a bit though (not your everyday pictures) but it's pretty beautiful at any time, plus rather small so you can walk around :)

ALSO. This went pretty OT (Off Topic), and even if I enjoy talking about my place, let's get back to the topic! ;)

Do you have any ETA or stuff like that @acsummerfield ? Or do you guys do it with your talent? ^^

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Currently the plan is to continue to capture content until the release of Crashlands, doing a bit of post as we go, and then finalizing all episodes and being able to have a set release schedule from there forward.

If we released as we documented it would be hard to chart how each plot would tie up and edit / schedule accordingly, so we think it'll make for a better show and for a more put together experience if we just capture it all first and then roll it out.

That being said, we're also capturing a lot of one-off content with the BS boys and other developers, and that will start to come out in a more regular fashion early next year. So, stay posted and we'll have some goodies to hold you all over until the full show is ready to go!

Things may change if we pick up sponsors who want to tweak the release schedule or style of the show, but that's currently up in the air, so we're planning like we'll just be knocking it out on our own at the moment.

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A little behind the scenes from the launch center! CRASHLANDS IS COMING!!!

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