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Butterup Perks question
When you buy BUTTERUP but, you have already things for the perks. Like one question being answered in the podcast or like defeating forn. Will those be counted as an perk or do you need to do them again?!

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Nope! The only perks that require butter-ups are actual butter-up perks (for yourself, for a gift, for ten friends, etc). Otherwise buttering goodness doesn't remove anything you've already achieved.

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You just can use the perks from one game in another if you're not ButteredUp in both though :)

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For the most part you shouldn't have to do them again, although it's likely that some perks have slipped through the cracks. D:

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Well, what's MORE likely is that you'll have to go trigger updates to those Perks. They're typically updated when you perform the action that relates to them. In most cases just playing the game a bit will trigger the update.

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