How do you get Butter Bingo skin and Scubella in Quadropus

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I've been wondering what these BScotchID perks do in Quadropus that unlock certain things and I have been wondering how to unlock them please help :D

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All perks unlock something new and funky in a Butterscotch game. Sometimes in the one you're playing, sometimes in another game, some of the perks in the game you're playing have to be unlocked in another game first. But all of them give you something for being extra awesome.

Butteringo - the purple and yellow Butterscotch Shenanigans skin for your buddy Bingo can be unlocked with the "Don't go alone!" perk, and it's really easy to get... just have 5 friends. Simple as that.

Scubella (or more correctly due to lack of/mass of capital letters, ScuBella) can be unlocked in TowelFight 2 by beating Richard on hard mode. Not the easiest to obtain, but definitely not the hardest either. It sounds scary but it's really not, just takes some perseverance.

Alternatively, if you don't have that much patience and you want them now, there should be an option to unlock the whole skins pack, and one for the pets pack I believe. Which you can do confidently knowing that your cheating expansion packs are going to the ever awesome creators and helping to keep them in business as they forge ahead with new and improved games and more perks for the BSID system.

But that's not necessary. You -can- do it just from perfecting your stare at the screen and not blinking until this game is beat technique. :3 I believe in you.

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I really want to have pebbly and butteringo in quadropus :

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