Next genre??

Just some talk about general Butterscotchy stuff here.
Since butterscotch shenanigans has now made exceptional versions of infinite runners( flop rocket), dual stick shooter( Towelfight), rouge-ish-like ( quadropus Rampage), ARPG/crafter ( crashlands).

What genre would you like to see them master next??

Personally I've always wanted to play one of the sim/civilization/empire builders ( ie game of war, clash of clans, etc) but would never touch a F2P game. So to see them make one with Sams art would be wonderful.

I could see it now all the different species that inhabit Crashlands all vying for a planet each one building their own little mini empire attacking other players empires to acquire resources and land. Building up huge armies( all drawn by Sam, of course). This would also have some form of multiplayer which the bros wanted to experiment with also.

Also a turn based rouge-like would be cool. Must have meta-progression, I agree with the bros. When I loss all progress and nothing is gained for my time I'm turned off.

Any ideas?

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They prototyped a turn-based stealth/infiltration roguelike (can we put more words for a genre?) BACK IN THE DAY. They never offered a download for it though.

Also, I would totally not be fond of a Clash of Clans-like (or equivalent). I hate waiting hours to get stuff and I'm not too competitive :)

If anything, trust the bros to never fit in a single, easily definable genre ^^

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Narhwal Online, or Codename Brunch as we're referring to it now, would be a mashup of a city sim and an ARPG roguelike, at least as far as we've scoped it.

I'd be super down to make a sim. The only problem with sim games is that they take a really long time to build and only become fun at the END, once you layer in all the game systems. But I suppose we've already had that experience with Crashlands now... so maybe WHO CARES!

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Narwhal is needed. Need now do now.

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