Longsdaelite Mode

Just some talk about general Butterscotchy stuff here.
So yeah, I was wondering...
Bscotch Games are mostly about challenge and fun, and I kind of regret that there's no "Play as if you just started" mode.
There are anonymous/guest saves, but those don't have BRAGGING RIGHTS.

The thing I was wondering about was a "Longsdaelite mode" (see what I did there?), where you have no upgrades or anything (like a blank save), but with a recording of your scores.
So you could play with the starting game stuff, and compare who has the most pure skill ever.

I know you've other stuff to do and all, and I don't expect/wait for you bros to make it a reality (or maybe not for the already released games). But I thought this was a fun/interesting idea that we could discuss about, theoretically :)

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For which game(s)?

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Quadropus Rampage (all modes, or just one), Flop Rocket and Roid Rage. Maybe a Towelfight 2 in the Arena :)
Basically any of your previous games
And your next ones if there are upgrades. Even DYEL would be more or less doable ^^

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