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I happened across an interesting subreddit thread chatting about mobile games visibility. Nothing new probably, just fanboy cheering for ya. Because I enjoy indies, and visibility us not easy to maintain by small companies. something I wonder about. And besides, visibility is also for gamers who like finding good games (google play store ironically appears to lack decent search algorithms, so we all surf reviews to fund new goodies). ... ve_mobile/

For grins, I searched reddit using above term & some others, to see what other chatter on this area, and one search phrase turned up these results which I will peruse later.

One includes mailers people like for newsletters among other tools. (Butterscotch tweeted about Mailchimp's gotten pricey... yeah I agree Mailchimp has now become WAY expensive; apparently happens to many over time as they shift into mid-to-large enterprise markets over the years. I wanted to tell y'all we are using iContact, but selected it like at least a year ago.) Anyway: ... _my_games/?

Another chat with interesting links: ... ios_garry/?
And: ... makers_of/?

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Visibility in the app stores is centered around what makes the most money for the stores. This invariably means "keep the money-makers on top" so that, like everything else, the successful become ever-more successful and the unsuccessful don't stand a chance.

As for email marketing, this is something we're starting to do with BscotchID, but we so far haven't had much success with it. This was likely because our pre-Crashlands player base consisted almost entirely of people who were playing our games for free and had no interest in ever paying for future games. That will likely get better with time, especially with the switch to pay-up-front.

But yeah, it's a struggle and no one has quite figured out how to make the system work for them (except, of course, the ones already on top).

Thanks for the links!

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FYI love pay upfront. Dislike iap unless its once to purchase full game.
What you are doing now is getting reviews ingerviews youtube posts pods etc. Website is excellent & I rarrly say that. Easy go find stuff. Good forum. Love the nightmode easy on eyes. Good layout & visuals. Desktop good. Mobile plugs in consistently. Really like smooth app interface which includes wesite leadins/preview/linkscwith latest interesting content teasers then it can open web or twitter, but still have your branded look. Very cool & pro.

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I agree for a small company the bros sure know what they are doing. Everything looks, feels, and runs smoothly and it's great. You typically wouldn't expect such a good setup from a three man squad.

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