New website leaves me sockless

Just some talk about general Butterscotchy stuff here.
@bscotchAdam @bscotchcarol - Love the work on the new website! I want to build up a personal collection of cards that I've found. I want to find super rare cards! I learned that the Butterbeast is literally a sentient blob of butter. Not sure how I feel about that.

And I found this guy: Image

Bug reports: doesn't auto resolve to for me. And it's worse since you even have a link to on your about page that leads directly to a DNS error page. :( And your link on the sidebar of the about page for Towelfight 2 leads to the non-existent ... f-destiny/ (the correct URL is

EDIT: Also, and I get that this is just me being a nitpick for no reason given the rest of the Granvil card, but "President Hamilton"? I thought everyone knows that "he's never gon’ be President [now]".

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Thanks for the bug reports! should resolve properly now. We'll get the rest of those fixed soon.

Once we add a login to the site, you'll be able to collect those cards :)

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Bscotch Team!
New website looks and reads wonderfully! Enjoying the instagrams and the fascinating talks page ... everything is great. I dropped both socks, actually a stack of socks fresh from the dryer. Y'all are just BRILLIANT, ya hear? Overall BScotch is just stacking up so many cutting edge ideas for your indie game dev business, that you are at least a Jesse Owens tracklength :ugeek: out ahead of everyone else in the industry (large & small). And backed up by solid high quality follow-through, performance, ingenious product, and yeah, humanization. :hardik:
PS0- :highfive: give the dog a raise with the next high five. And everybody gets ice cream. :fatfish:
PS1- I like the team's jumping gif!
PS2- Please allow 8 smileys in a forum reply.
PS3- HOW you do all that you do makes me not only want your logo tshirt but a coffee mug too.
PS4- verily I say unto thee, trademark, patent & copyright your lessons learned, game and dev business ideas; and that the big gaming firms and microsoft :Hewgo: do NOT EVER read your site. :grump:

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On the right-hand sidebar on the Quadropus Rampage page, there's a link to "Top 25 android games - Reddit" that goes to "" - clicking that link makes my browser tell me that you're trying to steal all my infos. Why you gotta be like that? :sass:

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@AlanFalcon WEIRD, I'll look into that.

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