Just some talk about general Butterscotchy stuff here.
Sorry seth u probably dont remember me but i was pretty active when crashlands was just released. Been playing crashlands too much to reply to other comments here.

Was sleeping last night and I had a dream.

A dream where there was a BScotch Web Store selling merchandise.
I bought all the Crashland pets plushies in all the different sizes.

Plush Legendary Vomma even came with small plush projectiles.

I even bought some tshirts and wrapped them up for my friends christmas presents.

But alas.. I woke up

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YEEEE We started this process a few months ago but it kinda fizzled. We're going to try to make it a point to have it going by the time we launch the next game though!

As always, NO PROMISES! Anything can happen!

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We've actually got 3 t-shirt designs wrapped and ready, and a 4th coming toward the end of Feb. We're still working on getting a storefront up and ready and have some warehousing deals in the works, too.

The basic problem we face is that we require really high-quality tees and products, because we (obviously!) don't like selling garbage. If we do that it means we have to control the whole pipeline, from shirt selection to printing to warehousing & shipping, so it's a big ol' project we've still need some time to get right.


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I've been designing and selling shirts over the past year and looked into a ton of different printers, drop ship companies and suchity such. I'm sure you've already gone over a bunch of these services but wanted to throw in my two bits!

I can't recommend Printful enough. They offer bulk printing for cons and whatnot but also have a decent API set up for standalone orders from an online store. On top of that, the shirt quality is solid and the margins are a hell of a lot better than other sites I've looked at. While they ship everything from their office in California, they include the business name and logo of your choosing on the packaging to give it more of a personal touch too.

Looking this over, it sounds like I work for them or something but really don't haha. I'm just trying to save you the time it takes to trudge through all the printing muckity muck on the internet these days.

Here's my affiliate link if you're into it (or just hit up their website if that's too weird):

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Thanks for the info! We've looked into a bunch of sites, but they're all so similar (and yet just different enough) to have our eyes glazing over quite rapidly. I'm not sure if we checked this one out, but we probably should!

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No problem Adam, I am VERY familiar with that feeling.

For a while there I was sure I'd have to deal with whatever Threadless/Society6 clone I settled on and be happy with what they gave me. It's a whirlwind of the same lackluster model that ends up paying you a couple bucks a shirt.

I didn't discover Printful until I started working with some other online apparel artists and it's hand down the best option I've seen so far.

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