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Just some talk about general Butterscotchy stuff here.
I bought Crashlands a while a go on my phone, but never got a chance to play it. Then I bought it on steam. I really enjoyed the atmosphere and my lil wompit Debo. I felt the price was low and wanted to support you guys and downloaded your other mobile titles. I buttered up all of them. There are things I wish I could do in Crashlands, like find a reason for furniture. I wish at a certain point the value of your bases prompted raids and there was a base defense mechanism, or even minigame. A dimensional portal where you set up a line of defense in the wormhole to keep things from coming in your base and stealing your stuff. Tower defense is a solid genre, and the only genre I really miss in BS lineup.

So in short, I feel like all of my BS titles, TF2, FR, QR, RR, and Crashlands all feel like ONE almost entirely complete gaming experience which has a lot of great gems without too much slag.

They run perfectly, feel incredibly polished, and are some the most battery efficient games I have run on my note 3. Hands down the most reliable outfit in mobile gaming. You guys rock!

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We'll keep adding to the collection :)

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