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Hello All,

In my version I have 540 out of 541 items and it is driving me a little "watty". I am missing an item (there are 23) from the Burnchurn in my version with a blue square around it. Online lists show only 22 items. Some help plz, I have beaten the game and have everything else.
Thank you

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Post a screencap!

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I am having the same problem. I just finished all of the quests, including Caarta's mapping quests and this item is the only recipe missing. I am very curious as to what it is. Here is a screenshot

So I figured it out doing my insane playthrough. The item that you are most likely missing and I am missing is the Everfire Lampbox. Its one of the rewards for beating Crabferno in the Tundra, however its completely missable. Once you beat Crabferno, you have to go back inside its den and there will be a chest at the top with the schematic. Hurray for my 100% completion and now yours :D

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