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Crashlands for Nintendo Switch

Just some talk about general Butterscotchy stuff here.
Dear Butterscotch :bslogo: I hope you are at least considering Crashlands for the Nintendo Switch. If not I fear for your life.
-Some Addicted Fan
P.S Where do you live?

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Uh, seeing as the Switch is owned and licensed by Nintendo, and I do not believe that there is even a Dev Kit available for current Nintendo consoles, I doubt there will be outside devs for Nintendo or the NIntendo Switch any time soon. Sorry.

P.S. They live and work in St. Louis, Missouri, in the USA.

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We'll be reaching out to our Nintendo rep soon to see if that's possible, and what it would look like. Everyone will be scrambling to get on the platform, so who knows what will happen!

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They do have a bunch of indie titles available or to be released. Crashlands has a chance of getting on that switch. Looking at the list, there are a few very popular games, but also some less popular and smaller titles.

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Being the switch looks to be the next-thing in mobile gaming, it would be great for this to come out for it. Either joypad support (preferable, as then you could use it on the television too) or on the internal touch-screen. Given the number of indie titles coming out for the Switch, I think Crashlands would be a perfect fit in there! (THE perfect fit, to be honest!)


[update - 06 May]

Now having time to play with the Switch, and having played games like Monster Boy (And waiting for Stardew Valley to come out), I think that Crashlands needs, nay - NEEDS, to be done on the Switch.

If that ever happened, I'd build a 'Shrine' to you guys and gals (See what I did there.... *cough*)

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Any update on this here topic? I would love to give you money for this game again (mobile and PC already) and play through once more.

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