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Just some talk about general Butterscotchy stuff here.
I was just asking a question for the podcast but i realised it was about a game. Is that fine or does it have to be about something to do with how you developers work on the game. :o

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You can quite literally ask (almost) anything for the podcast questions. It doesn't mean that it will get answered, but you can always try :D

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We try to answer stuff that sounds like it would be interesting for most of our audience to hear the answer to. That means super specific game questions aren't likely to get answered, unless they impact or would be of interest to most players. Most of our listeners (but not all) have played Crashlands, a handful have played our other games, and a decent subset (but less than half) are interested in making games.

But, as Jpesky said, you can ask whatever you want! If you listen to a few episodes you'll get a sense for the kinds of questions we tend to answer.

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