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I love your games, both for design and playability. I, along with many others, have been hooked on an Adventure Time-based card battler called Card Wars Kingdoms for months. The game is well balanced and was off to a great start, but it has been utterly abandoned by development. I think a BS card battler of this sort would be an outstanding addition to your already stellar line-up. BS has a unique and clever approach to game design, both mandatory qualities for a game of this nature. Also, the cross-title linking opportunities from in-game 'perks' would continue to bring your previous titles to the attention of new players. I can attest to the existence of a large, vibrant and very frustrated audience of dedicated CWK battlers just itching for a new opportunity. Incidentally, quite a few of us have spent liberally to power up our ridiculous creatures and are prepared to do the same in the future. So whaddaya say, can you have it done by the end of the month? And if not, that's cool too. Thanks for already bringing us so much entertainment. Much appreciated!

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