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WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE? (Introductions)

Just some talk about general Butterscotchy stuff here.
Take a breath! ;)

Welcome here, and don't worry. We know that a lot of piracy comes from situations like yours and we aren't out to get anyone. That doesn't mean we condone it, of course!

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Hey @XxGrayxX welcome aboard! If you don't mind telling me what platform you are on maybe I can help you out :)

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I am using a Android tablet @Mr.Jpesky and I would like to thank you for your help even if I don't know how you can help me but still thanks and thank you @bscotchAdam for understanding my situation even I don't condone piracy

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Hey all! I wanted to get more into the B-Scotch community and wanted to introduce myself. I am recent to the Brotherscotch-verse, having downloaded none of their games before the launch of Crashlands. I now have all of the games on my phone, and am Buttered-Up in Flop Rocket, which is awesome.

I have been listening to the podcasts when I have time and am up to #27.

I live in north-east slash central Ohio; I'm older than any of the Brotherscotch, and I have two kids who are too young to play video games. Everyone in my family has had cancer - no exaggeration - so I am really familiar with the struggle. We have a saying in my family, that while it feels like cancer can take everything from you, it can never take your hope. (To be clear, I am so-far cancer free.)

I really want to get into video game development, but only as a hobby. I think I just want to know that I know how to do it (?) Right now, I am a lawyer doing mostly work with environmental matters for people who are too broke to afford high-priced lawyers. It's a fulfilling gig, most of the time, but Gaming is my passion. I like logic knots, but I don't know if that will parlay favorably into game making. I have downloaded the free version of Game Maker (THERE IS A FREE VERSION OF GAME MAKER) and am slowly working my way through the tutorials. I am also learning this-and-that on Code Academy, when I have the time.

Finally, I have two distinct ideas for things that I am really excited to work on in the Crashlands Campaign creator,, but I am going to put that in another post.

Looking forward to getting to know the community!

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Hey @Woland77 merged your intro to the correct topic! ;)
Welcome around! (and just know that you may not be the oldest around ^^ )

Glad to have you on board! :)

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Thanks Ulnaraven. Don't know how I missed this thread :forn:

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Welcome! I'm sorry that you, too, have had to deal with all this cancer nonsense.

If you enjoy untangling logic knots, then making games is definitely for you! You've got exactly the right approach: just start learning programming and going through Gamemaker tutorials. As long as you keep working on stuff you'll be making games very soon.

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Thanks! Maybe in a couple of years I'll be good enough to travel back in time and apply for that Game Mechanic position! :p

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Tell us about yourself. What's your story?

Hi! My name is Michael. I am new to these forums. I started playing Crashlands a few days ago and since then, I have simply fallen in love with this game. I live in New Jersey but I was born in New York. I am 23 years old and trying to live life to the fullest!

What are some of your favorite things?

I enjoy the outdoors a lot. As much as I love staying inside and playing video games, there is a primal urge inside me to go out and enjoy nature. I love fishing, camping, and hiking. Video games are a huge hobby of mine as well as programming. Just don't look at my github. I am shy and don't even push much of my projects up there.

What's the one thing in the universe that you just can't stand?

4chan! ...Just kidding lol. I have a few pet peeves but I don't know of any particular pet peeve that I truly can't stand. I guess I am too optimistic.

What are you working on these days to make yourself a more amazing person?

I am trying to jog more. So far so good. In addition, I took up gardening this year. I built a raised garden bed with cedar wood. Using compost I had making since last summer and lots of soil I filled up the garden bed (nearly 15 cubic feet of soil!). When the danger of frost is over (around the start of May here in New Jersey), I shall plant a bunch of vegetables organically! I am waiting on a full spectrum plant light that I ordered from Amazon to be shipped, so I can start growing seedlings indoors to transplant later!

I also play a lot of Crashlands. That's the best way to improve my life. Lol, I'm joking of course. However, from an aspiring software developer and / or game programmer, it is great playing a game like Crashlands. My strong suit is programming but my weak suit is design. Playing Crashlands helps me look at great game design styles aswell as story design styles. Looking at these great examples of game design is a great way for me to improve as a programmer.

Anyways that is my introduction! I hope to make many great friends here!

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Hey @Aonbyte, welcome to the Butterscotch Universe. ^_^

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