WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE? (Introductions)

Just some talk about general Butterscotchy stuff here.
I'm Batman.

Just kidding, I'm Iron Man. Tony Stark. Look at me. I'm just like him. Except without the money. Or the technology. Or the charisma. Or the drugs.

I'm not Iron man am I? ~disappointed~

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Hey. I'm Deathly. Just Deathly, Always Deathly.

Nice to be a part of the crew.

Getting crash lands later on today.. Think Flop Rocket insanely difficult. Rampage unique and awesome (I love rougelikes). Roid Rage rather difficult as well. Contemplating towel fight 2(what happened to one? Can't find), but hope it's not as difficult as Roid Rage and Flop Rocket (they really difficult). Also if crash lands is as difficult as them, I'll be highly disappointed (considering its 5 dollars), wish there was a free demo version.

That said my thoughts for now... Read and absorb... Laters and shenanigans.

EDIT: When I say difficult, I actually mean unbeatable by my standards... I don't mind a challenge, but that level of difficulty just doesn't appeal to me.

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Hey dude or dudette! Welcome around! :)
I moved your post/topic to the relevant topic since it's some kind of introduction you did there (if you can, please try to take a look on the forums before creating a topic) ;)

Flop Rocket requires a certain amount of play time for most people to progress, but you can reach space once you're fully upgraded.
Quadropus Rampage is awesome indeed! That's what got me into the Bscotch community :3
Roid Rage is difficult but pretty fun in my opinion. It frustrates me in a good way.
Towelfight 2 is pretty easy (once you know the game). My advice: explosions and Area of Effect. Towelfight 1 is lost somewhere on the internet, it was an ooooooold jam game. With an actual towel involved.

Crashlands has difficulty levels. Challenge and insane are manageable once you have already played the game. The default mode, Adventure, should offer a good balance of difficulty (some hard parts, but not too many). If you fear that it'd be too hard, then there's an easy mode (I forgot the name).

Anyway, welcome around! ^^

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Thanks for the in depth response. It's rare to find such totality of info.

I did look for introduction thread.. Musta over looked, I read a few threads also.

Lol, lost on Internet. Funny. Nothing ever lost, only waiting to be found... Just a quote.. What operating system is it? I'm 29 about 30, I remember Rouge and nethack, and a sadly forgotten A.D.O.M. (ancient domain's of mystery (seriously must try if haven't))..
I will get towelfight 2.

And I just don't want FlopRocket difficultly... Lol

Thanks for such great work. Over and out.

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ell us about yourself. What's your story?
My story is very piratey XD
Well I'm a silent introvert who was like a ghost at school - no one really knew me and I didn't really enjoy anyone else.This mostly came from my depressed attitude in life (my family not acknowledging me etc all the bs**) well im grade 10 and starting to enjoy Information technology,spend most of my time playing games and doing some programming.Well my story with crashlands went dark very fast (hold up) I went on the GML(Game Maker) Website and featured games and I saw Crashlands I clicked it and it linked to a video about the game I was fascinated I searched it up on steam it was $15 pretty cheap but I was broke - I don't get any money and my single mom can barley provide for her self so I set out to *drops bombshell* pirate the game and well I couldn't handle the guilt I hate pirating things because it de-vaules the game and everything about me playing it - at the time I didn't know the effect it had on devs and etc so after 1 hour playing the pirated game I uninstalled it and searched for some surveys to do to get the money and I couldn't get anything well 1 month passed I had made no money , so I finally come up with a idea I rummeged through my mini basement in my bedroom and found a ipod that I had few years ago I went to my local games store and sold it for a whopping 75aud - 60USD I got some steam cards and BOUGHT CRASHLANDS!!!!!!!!! WHOOHW but I got exams so I can't play that much so gg but I LOVE CRASHLANDSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS ITS SO FUN I also encourage my friends to buy the game (*ps the documentary hit home with me because my mother also suffered cancer twice):(( .3 crashlands :dealwithit:

What are some of your favorite things?Gaming,Programming,History

What's the one thing in the universe that you just can't stand?"Fuck the police" and other social idioties

What are you working on these days to make yourself a more amazing person?Programming and smashing my face on the wall jks D :s

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Welcome! And no hard feelings on that whole piracy thing :D

That's great that you're getting into programming. Once you get past the initial hurdles there is no end to the joy of making computers do things for you.

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Heyo welcome around!

I hope you enjoy your time around @mordecia

@MeaKitty you apparently have a new Australian comrade, and I think you aussies are now winning the "what nationality is the most represented" :)

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Hey @fnodbj! Nice to meet you. I went ahead and moved your post here as it's more of a introduction rather than a reply. Any who I'm Jordan and a I look forward to seeing you around.

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