WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE? (Introductions)

Just some talk about general Butterscotchy stuff here.
I'd like to say Hi to all Bscotch devs and fellow fans!

I'm currently playing Crashlands and enjoying very much!
(Yea....about 2 years late..)

Just wanted to join forum to learn a thing or two regarding the game :)

Nice meeting y'all!

P.S. : Any plan on making Flux action figure? :)

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Welcome @maxlee84 - I merged your topic with this one, as it's the official "introductions" thread. Skip back a page or two, to meet the newest inductees. Or head back to page one to find out more about the Devs and Mods. Hopefully you'll make a few new friends and find out some stuff about Crashlands and the Dev Team that you didn't know before. Welcome, welcome.

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