WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE? (Introductions)

Just some talk about general Butterscotchy stuff here.
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There are those who call me... Tim!

I wish my name was Tim just so I could say this.

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I subscribed to the newsletter before it was cool.

Whoa, was it EVER 'not cool'? I DON'T THINK SO ;)

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Tell us about yourself. What's your story?
Grew up in St. Louis. Sucked at sports but ran a few marathons when I was in high school then was a decent bike racer in college at U of Colorado (have a few former teammates who rode in the Tour de France on Armstrong's team). Studied marketing and graphic design but only spent a couple of years building websites before I decided I just wasn't that good of a graphic designer. Self-published comic books, which led to a brief writing gig with Marvel Comics which I dropped because you're so limited in what you can do with a character who's already had literally hundreds of stories told about them. Got married to a girl I had a thing for in high school but didn't have the guts to ask out back then. Had a boy and a girl (now 8 and 6, respectively, and they're an absolute delight). I work in private equity as my day job. Just finished my first novel and am pumped to get going full-time on a game (which, coincidentally, I am starting on tonight!)
What are some of your favorite things?

Books - Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman, Brandon Sanderson
Comic Books - Brian K Vaughan, Brian Michael Bendis, Rick Remender
Music - 2 Skinnee J's, Cibo Matto, The Clash
Movies - Robert Zemeckis, David Fincher, Wes Anderson
Games - addicted to Halo multiplayer
What's the one thing in the universe that you just can't stand?

country music
What are you working on these days to make yourself a more amazing person?
Not wasting time. Seriously. I am so easily sidetracked I think I'd double my work output if I could stay on task so I'm focusing on constantly being conscious of whether I'm being productive or not and redirecting myself if I'm not. Hopefully it eventually becomes automatic to stay on one thing at a time.

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My Story:Hi I'm Garath, yes I spelt that right (Damn you squiggly red underline!). I am a South African living in England, planning on moving to America. I'm a Jack of all trades dabbling in anything I find interesting, in the last 4 years I have worked in Construction/Care Homes/Animal Rehabilitation/Barmen/Demolition/Street Cleaning . As you can probably tell I enjoy new experiences and am restless, always moving forward.
Favourite Things:
Finding new favourite things, I enjoy new experiences and travelling...and coffee, because new things can be tiring.
The Thing I Can't Stand:
Xenophobia, where you come from shouldn't be the basis for why you dislike a person, and bureaucracy because there is no legitimate reason you need the same information countless times, written in exactly the same way.
What I'm Working On To Make Myself A More Amazing Person:
Working on myself, learning to accept the ups and downs all as part of one experience. That and studying for my citizenship test (woohoo, dual citizenship!)

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Forgot to mention I was on the newsletter, because I liked you guys before it was cool...now gimmie the hipster badge. (:

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@R4V3N? Which thing that you've done is your favorite so far? Pretty sweet that you have such a breadth of experience.

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Well I was a street sweeper during the Olympic games, right along the feeder routes to the stadium. It was amazing just meeting so many different people from around the world and quite a few of the athletes.Being outside all day, with a long route that followed the river and people would come up to you just to have a chat (unheard of in day to day British life)
Also found out on hot days that if you swept long enough outside most of the bars invariably somebody would buy you a coke.

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Hello there !
Tell us about yourself. What's your story?
My name's Benoît, alias : CBenoit (or Benoit87, Colin and
BCrisvey as appropriate). I'm 18
year old since May. I am a french guy.

In september, I'll be in an engineering school thanks to my exams results, but since I'm only 18 years old, it's still the real start of my studies and there's not much to say about that. I did pretty well my school years until now.
By the way, I'm a friend of Ulnarevern (yes, I recognized you, dude, usual avatar !). That's him who bring me to this forum recently. And I'm working on a game with him ! I'll probably tell more someday.

What are some of your favorite things?

I love video games since my early childhood. (some of
my favorites games : Metal Gear Solid serie, Zelda, Mario 64, Deus Ex (seriously <3 ),
Banjo & Kazoie and Banjo & Tooie, Donkey kong 64, Fire Emblem
serie, Star wars : Rogue Squadron serie, Worms serie, Mount & Blade,
FFVII : Crisis Core and Minecraft (since beta 1.2), ... (mainly).

By the way, I created a minecraft server more than 1 year ago now (minigames only, around 50 players averge, only in french).

I love even more computer science : I can program several hours without
being bored, and every day / weeks / months if I'm inspired. Here some
languages that I studied during my short life : Python, PHP, HTML5 / CSS3, Ti-Basic, Axe Parser, C, C++
and finally Java (just to modify programs for my needs or help
friends). I started when I was 9 years old with a well-known educational
program : Scratch (by the MIT), and then with Game Develop,
a great software to develop full games easily, by Florian Rival. If you
want create game, check it as soon as possible ! Available in french
and in english !
I'm seriously working on C++ to rewrite a faster game started with Python.
And, I enjoy reading books as well. Science fiction with Isaac Asimov, scientifical (?) with Oliver Sacks (The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat), fantastic, and more.

Eventually, I love animes and japanese music / video games OST (not
only, but largely). I loved so many japaneses animes, recently for example : dothack//SIGN and Baccano.
What's the one thing in the universe that you just can't stand?
Don't really know, sorry. But there's probably something.

What are you working on these days to make yourself a more amazing person?

Since I have some difficulties to sleep at night (and day of course), I'm trying to learn breathing techniques relax myself.

I think that's all you have to know about me, I hope that we will get along well ! :D

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I'm Patrick, and I do music for a living. I teach guitar/bass/ukulele/piano/whatev lessons, and record local bands through my personal studio and studios around town. I am also half of Fat Bard, the game music/FX duo that is currently doing sound for BScotches upcoming game Crashlands. Oh and every now and then I gig and play in cover bands/rock bands/jazz duos and such. Used to do it a lot, but with a wife and kid that is tougher to pull off.
What are some of your favorite things?[/b]
Outside of music I love most forms of games, a tid bit of TV/Films, and big book series. My steam account is zxcvbnmqp (bottom row of keys + q + p) if you wanna play something. Not a MOBA fan, but I will play DOTA 2 if you severely twist my arm. My current game is Divinity Original Sin. It's freaking fantastic if you're into old school RPG's based off of DnD. While it's not the same system it's similar. The combat is turn based, but otherwise a similar game would be Neverwinter Nights or Baldurs Gate.
What's the one thing in the universe that you just can't stand?

People that think they know everything. If you always have a witty comeback or want to argue with everything I say then don't talk to me :smile: . Even if you're a professional in your field have a professional attitude and be humble. You're never too good to help other's, and never too good to be helped. I've been humbled by many amazing people in my life and I'm always learning.
What are you working on these days to make yourself a more amazing person?
I'm currently getting in some kind of shape. I've been running a good deal thanks to some encouragement/whipping from Sam at BScotch. I'm also learning more and more about game development in general from the STL Game Dev group.

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@CBenoit? So few people really understand how amazing it feels to write programs. And so few people bother to learn more than one language. KEEP AT IT, GOOD SIR!

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