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@BscotchAdam? It IS a sampling error. As long as I know, almost everyone LOVE bananas

That's true u_u
I'm part of the 2% that doesn't like them though :|

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i'm in the US and i dislike bananas. i still eat them because they're supposed to be healthy or something. :)

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@Kiwicat4444? Don't worry we still like you even if you dislike bananas :smile:

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@macgeo The only problem with bananas is that they may travel thousands of kilometers to get to our stomachs, so if it is healthy, it may be really bad for the environment.
If I could I would still eat tons of bananas.

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I get mine at Schnuck's because it's very close to my home, very gasoline efficient. Also try to batch my purchases by buying more than one at a time. Good tip tho, we should all be looking out for the environment. :smile:

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@macgeo, that still doesn't change the fact that you're destroying the world with your delicious bananas! haha! Those malicious yellow things still travel half the world to get to you!

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My b'nanas only travel halway across the country from the far north-east. So only half as damning for our environment I suppose. I wish I could afford those little bastardy yellow fruits. Being on an extreme budget doesn't allow expensive yellow moons from the other side of the continent. :(

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O-o here... bananas are only like $0.50 a pound... or something like that... Compared to other fruits/vegetables that's dirt cheap. (by comparison, tomatoes are normally $1.50 on sale, $2.00 when not {of course, that is "vine ripe" tomatoes}) And they all travel similar distances.

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