WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE? (Introductions)

Just some talk about general Butterscotchy stuff here.
Bananas are currently (as in today)... 63c a kilogram. That's 2.3lbs. Currency is basically 1 to 1 between AU and US. So a little more expensive.

Field tomatoes are 77c a kilo. Greenhouse $1.40

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I find it kinda hilarious how this article became all about bananas just because of two people ! XD

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O-o should try to follow some of my family's conversations then... We go all over the place.

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Apparently there's some connection between bananas and Butterscotch fans. I demand a banana hammer in Crashlands, The Nannerhammer!

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The character in the original Towelfight has bananas for arms. So yes, I think there is something there.

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Besides, bananas are full of fruitastical awesomesauce. Why wouldnt we discuss them?

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i would totally wield a Nannerhammer of Might +46! ALL BANANAS MUST DIE!!!!!
now i really want to make that banana game i've been dreaming about.

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Dooooooo iiiiiiiit @TimConceivable?!

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Tell us about yourself. What's your story?
My name is Brendan and I am aspiring to be a game developer and am going to pursue a degree in computer science. I play hockey for my highschool and have been programming in gamemaker and hope to start using unity. I currently working with a few friends in a currently unnamed company on a game (not releasing anything yet).
I hope to learn some new things on this site and meet some awesome people.

What are some of your favorite things?
-Ice Hockey
- Games (Surprising Right?!?!?)
- Ice Cream... two things with ice so far...
- Sunrise/Sunsets
- Orange
- Art (In particular, pencil and spraypaint)

What's the one thing in the universe that you just can't stand?

When people are standing in your way, when people don't answer questions on introduction posts correctly, and sarcasm.

What are you working on these days to make yourself a more amazing person?
- Getting better at both pixel and vector based art
- Learning to program in different languages.
- Taking harder classes at school to make my brain basically do constant dead-lifts followed by sit-ups.

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"When people are standing in your way"

YEP. Worst thing ever.

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