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Yesterday I played my trombone for a judge to get a grade. I was quite nervous before, but I got an A for nearly everything! In a month I will be competing in a competition for money. Spooky! I hope I get into the top three.

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I play sax (baritone, alto) myself and while i am decent never will be on that level...
Good luck

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NICE! I've partaken in those before, back in high school. Got any sweet saucy recordings of your trombone playing in action?

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Hooray! Congratulation and best of luck with your upcoming competition. I'm sure, no matter what, you'll do your best and that's all that matters. As long as you do your absolute best then you're a winner no matter what. #liveadvicefromtheoldcat XD

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I played Trombone for 4 years! That slide is so much fun. I never was much of a solo-ist, but now that I'm a bit further from all the forced music lessons of my youth I wish I would've stuck to one of them. Nice to have an outlet like that.

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Do you (all) have some recordings? No matter if you play acoustic or creating electronic music. Show it off here! :)

I'm playing drums. I found few people via gumtree and we are meeting every week (mostly) and play for fun. Althought, I don't have much to show you. Buuut, from time to time I make some music on my phone or iPad (or PC formerly). Here's some of my tunes.

Yep, it's crap, but i like it :D

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You're on a letter rating system in MD, MadHat? That's cool, the ratings are numbered in Missouri (a 1 being Superior and a 5 being, well, needing improvement) I thought that was standard. Shows what I know. I did my fair share of district and state festivals when I was in high school (french horn and voice) and have since moved on to judging and helping run such things during my college run.

Keep playing that trombone! The more you perform the less nervous you will be, have fun, enjoy the music.

(I don't have any real time recordings of me besides my junior voice recital- and ew no, but I have some MIDI exports from Sibelius of songs I've written/arranged:

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Wow, these sound great! Unfortunately I don't have any recordings. I could make them, but my mic is unidirectional for voice chat, and is sensitive to anything in one direction, so it's impossible to get any good recording.
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