Weird luck. :/

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So 3 weeks ago I was replacing a broken earphone jack on my phone, which already had a small crack in the screen. When I closed the phone, the crack went through the whole screen and the touch screen doesn't work anymore. Instead of replace the screen too, I'm gonna buy a new phone.
2 weeks ago I bought CSGO in a 50% off sale on steam. I was interested on how the case system worked, which basically works like this: you get a case, and buy a key to open it.($2.50 per key and 1-40 cents per case) I bought 2 keys and got 2 cases from a friend. I thought I would learn a valuable lesson about how gambling is bad and all that, and at the beginning it looked like that was what I was gonna get. The first case got me a 20 cent item. So I lost $2.30. The next item I unboxed, however, was a field tested AWP Asiimov, which sells for $70. 2spooky4me.

I should clarify that I can sell this for real money.
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Sounds like you learned a lesson in luck!

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