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So you basically have to change your motherboard and your graphics card.
You can also find Nvidia GPU with 3 connections for monitors I think (maybe not the same, like 2 display port and 1 DVI or so). That might be less expensive, depending on the graphics card you want.
Also, a motherboard that supports SLI is generally more expensive than a regular one (but it might go together with more Sata ports for your hard drives)

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Yeah, we kinda made the mistake of buying a "package" online. My fiance picked it though, and told me that it would be a great deal if we added an extra graphics card to handle my art things. We bought that separately because there was a better deal, but the package itself seemed great.

I should have known better. Day one we had problems... despite the awesome red case I chose (because I know next to nothing but the basics about hardware and went "I WANT THE SHINEY RED CASE! You pick the rest baby" and then when it got here it was smaller than it appeared and the GFX would even feckin' FIT in the case, so down to the local store to get a bigger one. Blah.

And then since then it's basically been one problem after another, particularly when it comes to my art things. Photoshop just constantly disagrees with everything, randomly crashes, tells me it can't do some things, and takes forever to do other things. I'm kinda fed up with it, but it was the most budget conscious (Ie. cheapest) option for replacing my old computer when the motherboard quit.

I. regret. everything.

SO when my other half gets a job, we're just going to replace this a build a proper one. :/

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Bad luck :/
The thing has close to no reason to suck like this...
Better luck next time I guess :) (you can hardly have worse problems from what you said)

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