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I'm looking for a webapp which would work just like podcast questions voting app made by Adam.

It's for my band. We want to create a list of covers that all of us would like to play for warm up.
What we need:
1. Every band member can add a new song to the list
2. Every band member can vote for a song that he would like to play (only once for a song)
3. Every band member can see the rank

Anyone knows app like that?

[edit] I've just fount this: http://list.ly/ But if anyone knows something else, please let me know.

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What band? Any music you can share with us? :D

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I think what you're telling me is that I need to make a webapp version of this for GENERAL USE. Don't wait up though, I've got to FINISH CRASHLANDS!

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Priorities. :3

Also yes, share the music with us sir!

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@bscotchAdam, can't wait for both!

@MeaKitty, belive me, audience isn't ready to hear us :P :P :P BUT we plan to do some recordings to share in near future. In the meanwhile you can follow our totally empty fanpage :P

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