40 Hour Famine!!!!

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So, the first forum post in a long time...

Basically, I starved myself this weekend, Friday 8pm to Sunday noon in order to raise money for a charity called WorldVision in an event called the 40 hour famine. Many people around the world are giving up something for 40 hours in order to raise money to help the starving people in the developing world (as cliche as that may sound, its still true and just as important).

So since my goal is $400 and I have about $330 sofar (both online and in cash), I thought I might be able to reach out to some people online so I have come to you, the Bscotch forums peoples, probably the best online community in the world to ask you to donate, even a small amount. Its going to a good cause and yeah...

So, if you want to please donate here https://40hf2015.everydayhero.com/au/inferiorpickle

Luv ya if you do, don't worry if you don't.


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HOLY CRAP, DUDE. That's a very interesting idea. I hope you hit the goal!

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Oh man, I remember doing the 40hr Famine. Dont forget to drink lots of water and pace yourself in everything you do. I'll see if I have a couple of dollars to spare tomorrow for you. Best of luck.

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