Need to get something off of (or onto) your chest? Set it free!
I love puns. Heres a few.

We should all be like trees.
That way, we can all pack our trunks, branch out and leaf this place before the feelings that stem from our heart take root and sap the life out of us.
I wood do it, I wood lumber thousands of miles to be different.
If you do, keep a log of your feelings, the people with the best responses will receive a crown. (warning, this log may be tree-dious and make sure decomposition is right)
I hope I'm not barking up the wrong tree when I expect the comments section to be chloro-phylled.
I have truly planted the pun bomb, have I not?

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Hmmmm.... I don't get it

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That... Was impressive. I'm not even sure I got all your puns.
Also, sorry but I suck at making puns :/

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Well he is a tree time first place trophy winner in the annual bi-weekly pun competition

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