I made a website and stuff

Need to get something off of (or onto) your chest? Set it free!

I finally did it. I threw my website on da webz (after I kinda finished it).

And I'm asking you, of all the best people, if you could spare some time to browse it a bit and tell me what you think about it, possible ameliorations or potential bugs :)
It'd be really and highly appreciated!


Keep in mind it's still not final :)

I may make changes over time but most of it should stay like that :)
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I don't see a link...

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Well, at first I didn't want to put the link (so I asked for PM) but since it's apparently rather okay, I updated the first post with the link

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Ahw, I got some credits in there. Thank you very much. I love the site, it's really responsive and quick to shift pages once you click a link. Also resizes nicely, I like that a lot. Most people forget that everyone uses a different screen size, so often they only code to their own PC screen size.

The only constructive criticism I have is maybe work on the drop-down menus a little more. That large gap beneath them looks weird until you realise that there are other options beneath the headers. With a little bit of tweaking I'm sure you'll figure out how to make the dropdowns go over the main content so it looks neater, but that's up to you.

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Ulnaverern maybe you can fix an issue that is crashes on IPad 4, iOS 9.0.2 Chrome webbrowser
When I open the site on chrome chrome chrashes
And on safari it says an error occurred with this webpage so it is reloaded.

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@MeaKitty Yeah this thing's bothering me a lot. I'll ask my older brother he did that already.

@LittleGamer I can't help you on this... Do you know if there's a reason?
Like, blocked scripts, some HTML5 stuff that isn't supported... I don't have anything to test :/

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ULNA. I'm going to be honest because I'm an honest man, and I want your site to rock. HERE IT IS: The design of this site needs some serious work! FEEDBACK BELOW. (You'll need to click the link to see the whole image).



Other general thoughts:
There doesn't seem to be any meaning to the color scheme. The main header is pink, but so is the subtext, and they are pretty similar in size, giving them both a feeling of being "the title", even though only one of them is. Everything else is aqua, even subheadings, links, and non-links. This makes everything feel jumbled and confusing. A good strategy is to have sub-headings have their own color, links have their own, basic text to have its own, etc... so that the elements of the site are easily understandable in how they are interacted with.

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Heh. Thank you Seth! Not going to work on it RIGHT NOW but I'll put all this on my to-do list :D

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Looks decent at least :mrgreen: All the best Ulna!

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What about that?
https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/62550515/Test.png [DEAD LINK]
(just about the positioning, I haven't changed color stuff yet)

Also I realized that the logo was useless.
The menu thing still needs reworking (so it can open over the rest of the stuff rather than moving it)

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