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I don't really see why you'd use JS to create the navigation links. It's totally doable with PHP - I can help you out with that if you'd like.

Also you might want to call scrollTop() on $(window).load instead of directly where you're currently using it(in script_webcomic_reader.js ). Because of the ad taking some time to load, the page ends up higher up than I had scrolled to before. Moving the code to the load event should take care of that.

Footer padding was already pointed out, but I'd also suggest replacing the "Everything is (c) Ulnarevern 2015" part with "Everything is (c) Ulnarevern 2015 - <?php echo date( 'Y' ); ?>" - that way your copyright year will update as time goes by :)

Overall the spacing on the site is pretty inconsistent and that makes me uneasy :P Actually never mind - the sidebar ad is technically outside of the <section> and while I see the reasoning behind it(so it doesn't take up vital content space), the fact that there's lots of space on the left of the content and then the ad(which I see as part of the content) almost touches the right edge of the container throws off the balance of the page.

I'd do the following changes:
- bring <div class="advert"> inside of <section>
- Get rid of the width: 70% on section and change margin to 0 29px
- Get rid of margin-right: 5px; on .advert(this will align it with the language links at the top)
- Get rid of display: inline-block; for the footer
- Change footer's margin to 50px 29px 0 - that way it aligns with the rest of the content
- Perhaps visually separate the footer from the main content(different background, border-top, something else).

Ooops - when did I write all of this stuff... :roll:

I'm not a designer and those are just some basic things I can suggest.
Obviously there's no obligation for you to apply any of my suggestions :)

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Comment on PHP vs JavaScript:

PHP requires everything to be handled by the server, costing server resources. JavaScript lets us put the work on the client side, since it costs nothing for the user to do the processing on our behalf :)

This doesn't really matter when you don't have much traffic, or have minimal processing, but once you do it is a good move to put as much work as possible on the client side (so long as you know you can't trust any resulting data).

(Note: it doesn't cost the user either, since they don't have to pay for their own resource usage -- they already own the device.)

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@bscotchAdam : true about server/vs client-side rendering, but even under high traffic loads, the kind of operation we're talking about(manipulating a string to generate prev/next and language links) would probably have an insignificant performance penalty(especially if your server is running a recent PHP version like 5.6 or even 7 :P ).

Plus if you're going with client-side rendering, you might as well go all big and use React or some other framework :D

[disclaimer]I've been using React and I'm loving it - making dynamic UIs is so much easier compared to doing it with jQuery.[/disclaimer]

I don't think this applies to the case of @Ulnarevern though :)

And the issue of having JavaScript disabled on the client was raised earlier - it's pretty important to have navigational items accessible for all users(and search engines, in case they're lame and are not parsing the JS).

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Alright @nikolovtmw I'm sorry for answering only now (I wanted to try the stuff out before replying but I haven't found the time YET. I'll definitely try to update and make it better someday and using your advices!).

First, thank you for the feedback and advices! :)

About the ads, I am more or less considering to take the side one down (so maybe I'll do it in a month or two) so I don't bother, at least not yet. And I placed those in some included php file (kinda dirty and definitely lazy way, I know)

Also, thanks for the help offer but I like doing everything by myself (I'm a stubborn idiot but I enjoy having some kind of control over my stuff and doing it by myself) :)

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@Ulnarevern - not a problem :)

So, if you'll be taking down the side ad, then the content will automatically balance out since it will be all centered.

Haha - it's not a bad thing to want to do things yourself and I have no doubt you can handle that stuff(you made your own site after all - without using something ready made).

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Hey, good for you! Guts too. Looks like a great start. What jumped out at me is it needs to be mobile browser compatible because stuff is only partly showing (portrait or landscape) and some stuff is laying over on top of other stuff. I am on an android. There are ways to make your website look for what kind of hardware & software the client/browser is and adjust accordingly. Lots of info online on how to do in your particular authoring softwares. Also there are websites that emulate different mobile hardware and software users for you, you pick the likely ones and put in your website url and see how it looks. Go get 'em!

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That's on the to-do list too. I tried already but without success and I'll try again when I find/take time ^^

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Actually if you use chrome you can test various devices. They have client-side script to display it as it would be seen on mobile devices. I'll explain it to you later if you want, when you're ready to test movile compatibility anyway.

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That's pretty good for starting from scratch as a beginner! Nowadays everybody gets templates or Twitter Bootstrap to start coding something without a clue. And it's very brave to publish your first site online like that! I remember when I was just learning programming I was so afraid of the result of making a page I avoided doing unless absolutely necessary. And then I started working with it and eventually became more confortable with it. But still haven't gotten anything of my own out there.

I guess that's the BScotch advice for life: just do it already! Congratulations! The only thing I think needs to be fixed is the left padding on the bottom (the text is touching the box).

One more thing: I find it very useful to stay close to the metal right in the beginning so that when things turn dire layers and layers above, you won't be so clueless about what could have gone wrong or how to fix/circumvent it. Later, when you are more used to it, you may try a framework if you want (like React, Angular, and many, many more) or just make your little thing with lots of simple ideas (my last single page app was done like this, and my coworker who maintains it now doesn't seem to want to hang me too often, so I guess it's ok). However, I do find preprocessors quite valuable nonetheless! So SASS with Autoprefixer, Coffeescript and possibly HAML are great additions on your toolbelt. PM me if you want some more pointers (and not find me too annoying!)

Good work!

P.S.: If you want to make the gallery more interactive (by swapping the photos on JS only) but want to keep it working without JS (also keeping bookmarks, back navigation, shareable links, open in a new tab), take a look at the History API of HTML5. It's mindbending but totally worth it!

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