How old is you?

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So, I'm an old man, like ancient. Older than Jesus' farts. After chatting with some youngun's in the chat I wondered who was the youngest member. Also are there any other old timey people like me that would like to listen to the victrola and talk about our hearing aids?

I'm 42!

How old is you?!?!

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A kind reminder from on high:

You are welcome to answer, but always think twice before you post personal info (like your age) into a public space. We won't do anything naughty with it, and age alone is hard to do anything with, but it can be used as a piece of the puzzle.

ALSO, the minimum allowed age for BscotchID (and thus the forums) is 13 due to legal reasons. But we can't prevent you from being younger and lying to us. So, don't tell us you are <13 or we'll have to suspend your BscotchID!!!

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Also, people could post it into "Who are you" thread.

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I turned out to become old enough to drink *everywhere* legally this month :)

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Take 3, add 9, subtract 15-and-a-half, add another 2000 and multiply it by 7. Then square root it and add pi. Then throw out the whole thing and conclude that I am 17.

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Glad to know I'm not the oldest one here. :)

I'm mid-40's - like right in the middle: 45.

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At least your not one of the youngest :(

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@beansmyname - I just tell everyone "Old enough to know better, young enough to still do it anyway." :3 That's the best answer, and the best age.

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