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Will we have to wait two years before the next butterscotch game?

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Hopefully not! But for now lets stick to making Crashlands even better with future updates and the coming Crashlands Creator!

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Oh heck no! I won't let them take that long. LOL. Usually they do Jam games. St Louis game developers have regular weekends where they sit down and make games in 48 hours. The Butterscotch Bros often bring them back and flesh them out in a week or two. They're silly little nonsense games, but they're tons of fun.

If you go to Their main page you can see a list of their other games, download them and play them for free on PC, and see what we mean. This is what they normally do, this is what they find fun. Crashlands is just such an epic adventure they wanted it perfect before they released it, hence why it's taken them two years. The next one won't be that far away at all. ^_^

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