Why is French so HARD TO LEARN

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so i live in Switzerland (swiss german part) and we have too learn french and its so frustrating. i even wonder if french people actually even learn german does anyone know that? also am i the only one struggling with french? :evil:

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I don't think you're the only one struggling with french.
There are a lot of stuff with this language that doesn't make much sens even for french people. I realized that when I found myself unable to explain why things are that way to a friend who is learning french too.
(maybe there is a rational explanation for everything, but…)
That being said, often, non-native teachers are more able to teach the language because they know how they had succeed at learning it contrary to native ones. In particular, when teaching to total beginners.

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Being a native, I find it easy ;P
However it's true that it looks like a mess but actually most of the stuff has explanations on its origins.
In short, French is based on Latin, but around the 17th and 18th century, people got together to fix it and make it different from the original language (Latin). Basically everyone was using different forms and then a guy came in and tried to unify that. Except that they kept a whole lot of exceptions for style and nobility of the language.

Or something like that. I think the best is to practice so you can learn the specificities... Otherwise, academic learning might be rather limited (in my opinion)

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