The Corrupt-A-Wish Thread

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Wish granted, You've received a baby dragon egg. You need to take care of it, and that cost a lot of money and time. He eats three steaks every day, he drinks 3 liters of water every day. But one day you didn't fed him and he was cranky, you told him to go to sleep but he bit you. Since that day that he tasted human blood he wanted more..........
So eventually he grew ,he grew and grew until he was an adult dragon. You'd hid him in an in an old barn, but you got scared, scared about the things that he could do. Because he could escape and fly away and kill people, and that's actually what happens that day. It was night and he flew away, the next morning you'd searched for him and he was gone. Then you saw on the news how he killed everyone you loved. Then he continued to kill the human race nobody could stop him, except for you. But you were broke because of all that money you needed to spend for all that food. Now there are no humans, every trace of human existence got erased it's all gone, except for you. Lonely in this world, nobody there except for an dragon.........

I'd wish I be perfect.

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Granted, You become perfect but realize that being perfect is boring and that being human is defined by your problems. It's what makes you you. Without your humanity you are nothing. You are now nothing and cease to exist.

(@Ulnarevern dude that's not bad at all! If you experience it for the first time every time it'd be godly. Such a good movie..)

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[written for @LittleGamer]
Wish granted. No real throwback, except that you're so perfect that everyone envies you, then they start hating you.
No one can stand a perfect guy like you for long, because you'll always be better-looking, smarter, better than anyone else at everything and you will always be right. Problem is that no human is able to feel inferior in everything to a single person.

So yeah, you end up all alone, then you lose any job you try to get because you're shaking too many things up for too many people in the companies. You lose all your money, anything you have and you end up alone in the streets.

Plus side, you're so good-looking even as a hobo that some people still give you money, so you can't die of hunger or thirst.

Oh, did I mention that being perfect would also mean respecting every single rule, even the dumbest ones, and never smoke, drink or badmouth anyone, even for fun or anything like that?

@Mr.Jpesky you forgot to wish so I take your turn :P
Also me no get what you were referring to.
I wish that dark matter/dark energy is the result of interactions between our universe and other universes.

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Wish granted. There is not much to add, your life doesnt change at all.

I wish i had (or at least could do, for a longer time) deep, creepy voice, just so i could scare people on my daily life. Like this guy -

And oh, i guess i would like to have an American accent too, similar to his (because it wouldnt really work with my sucky Polish accent :C).

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Wish granted. You get a new creepy voice, but when you laugh you sound like Spongebob.

I wish this wish does not get granted.

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Wish not granted, there for making your wish happen. The resulting paradox causes world famine, swarms of locusts, and a portal to the 9th dimension. You have brought forth Armageddon. Congrats!

I wish I was the one granting wishes.

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Wish granted. You become the Baconweed Fairy.

I wish it would rain coffee in the country. (It's a song)

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Wish granted, It will rain coffee...with the mugs.

I wish I have the strength to shatter the planet with a single punch.

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Congrats you are now One Punch Man. While being super strong you are also super depressed because no one will ever put up a fight against your wicked might.

I wish someone would wish for me.

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Wish granted. I wish you, you'll have never granted any wish.

I wish I can fly.

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